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A trip to the Petroglyphs

Amy and I went to lunch with a friend named Joyce last week to what is becoming one of my favourite restaurants on Maui called Leoda’s, which is located in a small village of Olowalu on the way to Lahaina. Leoda’s is casual dining with great meat pies and even better deserts with everything baked on site.

While at lunch, Joyce talked about the local Petroglyphs located a bit inland. I had heard of them and even did some research into them a few years back, but understood them to be on private land and were inaccessible to a wheelchair. So when Joyce said they were now in a public cultural reserve and were accessible, I was thrilled.

So after a great lunch, we went for a short drive down the back road, took a right at the power lines and after 1/2 mile we saw the signs about reserve. The road drives right by the cliff where the Petroglyphs are, so you needn’t get out if you don’t want, as the ground is rocky and bumpy but very doable; I scooted around looking at the petroglyphs for about 3/4 of an hour. There are approximately 70 of them and they were carved between 200 and 300 years ago, so pre-contact with outside cultures of Europe.

After spending some time there, we drove on to turn around and came to a stream and a reservoir, which was interesting as this is the dry side of the island. As we turned around, we saw, standing very still and watching us,  a family of the endangered Nene or Hawaiian Goose. This was very exciting, as I am a bit of a bird buff and Hawaii has unfortunately a lot of endangered birds.

This turned out to be a wonderful adventure that just evolved, which sometimes are the most memorable.

Natalie Cole in concert


Monday March 10 • Castle Theater 7:30 pm

Her only show in Hawai’i!

Spend an “Unforgettable” evening with this multiple Grammy Award-winning vocalist, who brings the musical genes of her father, the legendary Nat ‘King’ Cole, and infuses the legacy with her own gorgeous style in R&B, urban contemporary and jazz-based pop. Enjoy the hits: This Will Be (An Everlasting Love), Inseparable, Miss You Like Crazy, I’ve Got Love on My Mind, Ask A Woman Who Knows, and of course Unforgettable, With Love. (Click song titles to watch a music video!)

Tickets $45, $65, $85, $125, $150; premier seating
plus applicable fees