About Us

Our wedding picture at the condo in 1996

Our wedding photo at Makani A Kai in 1996

Bruce and Amy Bernhardt

Bruce and Amy Bernhardt met, fell in love and even got married at the condo so Makani A Kai and Maui are a big part of their lives.  Bruce became a C5/6 quadriplegic in 1978 at the age of fifteen and in 1991 he purchased then renovated the condo for his special needs.

When Bruce and Amy aren’t using the condo for personal use, they rent the condo to other disabled people who can use the special wheelchair features of the barrier free roll in shower, roll under sink, ADA toilet with grab bars and many other subtle details that make a place disabled friendly.

Amy is a retired CPA originally from Ohio and Bruce is a retired social worker from British Columbia, Canada.  They live in Bruce’s hometown of Vernon, British Columbia.