Disabled Support Services

We are very fortunate to have many support services and amenities available to the disabled on Maui. Having the basic comfort levels of being in the United States and knowing you can drink the water, have proper telephone service, be able to communicate in English and have access to the American medical system are some of the things that are taken for granted until you travel to a foreign country such as Mexico or the Caribbean.

Maui has the following disabled support services:

  • There are several accessible forms of transportation including accessible van rentals, an accessible airport shuttle service and an accessible public bus transit system.
  • Gammie Home Care is a medical supply house which has medical supplies and rental equipment, ranging from shower chairs to a Natural Access beach wheelchair. Please be aware that Gammie does not deliver medical equipment on Sunday.
  • Sunshine Helicopters has a lift to make the helicopter accessible.
  • Polynesian Adventure Tours has accessible transportation for scenic tours (door to door service).
  • Also available, are people who specialize in scuba diving for the disabled.
  • There is a local Independent Living Resource Center operating on Maui.
  • Many airlines fly direct from the mainland to Maui so we consider this very convenient.
  • If you need or desire any other support, feel free to ask us and we might be able to find out for you if it is available.


Bruce & Amy Bernhardt (accessible condo) (250) 545-6158
Maui Center for Independent Living (808) 242-4966
Wheelers Van Rentals (accessible vans) (877) 735-6365
Speedi-Shuttle (accessible airport shuttle) (877) 242-5777
Maui Public Bus (all buses accessible on all 12 routes) www.co.maui.hi.us/bus/
Care Resource Hawaii (private duty homecare agency) (808) 871-2115
Gammie Home Care (supplies and rentals) (808) 877-4032
Polynesian Adventure Tours (808) 877-4242
Sunshine Helicopters (800) 469-3000
Lahaina Divers (scuba diving) (800) 998-3483