Disabled and Other Support Services

We are very fortunate to have many support services and amenities available to the disabled on Maui. Having the basic comfort levels of being in the United States and knowing you can drink the water, have proper telephone service, be able to communicate in English and have access to the American medical system are some of the things that are taken for granted until you travel to a foreign country such as Mexico or the Caribbean.

Maui has the following  services:

  • There are several accessible forms of transportation including accessible van rentals, an accessible airport shuttle service and an accessible public bus transit system.
  • Gammie Home Care is a medical supply company which has medical supplies and rental equipment, ranging from shower chairs to a Natural Access beach wheelchair..
  • Sunshine Helicopters has a lift to make the helicopter accessible.
  • Polynesian Adventure Tours and Valley Isle Excursions have accessible transportation for scenic tours (door to door service).
  • Also available are people who specialize in scuba diving for the disabled.
  • Urgent Care, Pharmacy and Hospital information
  • Grocery Store options on Maui
  • Many airlines fly direct from the mainland to Maui so we consider this very convenient.
  • If you need or desire any other support, feel free to ask us and we might be able to find out for you if it is available.

Maui Accessible Condo owned by Bruce and Amy Bernhardt 

Phone (250) 308-9612



Wheelers of Hawaii

Phone (877) 735-6365



Boogie On Van Rentals

(808) 633 0320



Wheelchair Getaways

Phone (650) 589-5554


Speedi Shuttle

Phone (877) 242-5777


Maui Public Bus System

Phone (808) 270-7511


Care Resource Hawaii (private duty homeware agency)

Phone (808) 871-2115



Gammie Home Care

292 Alamaha St. Kahului 96732

Phone (808) 877-4032



Urgent Care Clinics
Kihei-Wailea Medical Center (8.1 miles from condo)
Pilani Village Shopping Center
221 Piikea Avenue
Kihei HI 
(808) 874 8100
Located in large shopping center in Kihei with easy access.  Kihei is more tourist oriented so possibly a better fit for my renters.  Gayland Yee is one of the primary Doctors and I had a positive experience with him.
Minit Medical  (8 miles from condo)
Maui Market Place
270 Dairy Road, Suite 239
Kahului HI
(808) 667 6161
No personal knowledge of quality of service but is located in shopping center with good parking and access.
Maui Memorial Medical Center (8.1 miles from condo)
221 Mahalani Street
Wailuku HI
(808) 244 9056
Maui’s only full service hospital is OK and service is good although there can be a long wait period to be checked out or admitted

Polynesian Adventure Tours

Phone (808) 877-4242



Valley Isle Excursions

(808) 871-5224



Lahaina Divers

Phone (800) 998-3483


Disabled scuba diving, handicapped

Sunshine Helicopters

(800) 469-3000


There are many pharmacy options available on Maui with most of them national chains or attached to large grocery stores.

Longs Drugs (6.1 miles from condo)
135 Kehalani Village Drive
Wailuku, HI  
(808) 242 5606
This is a recently new store and has become my favorite because of closeness and ease of use.  They also have a drive through prescription pick up.
Walgreens   (8.4 miles from condo)
10 E Kamehameha Avenue
(808) 872 3301
Not my favorite as the parking is harder and not that easy to combine with other errand stops.
One of the main benefits of renting a condo is that you get a full kitchen to use during your stay instead of having to eat all of your meals out at restaurants like you must do if you are staying in a hotel. Going out for meals is nice but not for every meal especially breakfasts.  With access to your own kitchen you get to choose.  Grocery shopping is then needed project so we’ve added descriptions, addresses and contact info on the main Grocery outlets on Maui.  We’ve also added contact information on a couple grocery delivery services that will do your shopping for you and deliver the groceries to the condo so they will be there upon your arrival. 
 There are quite a few grocery store options on Maui although none are located in the village of Ma’alea where our accessible condo is located.  The full service grocery stores are
Safeway in Kihei  (8.2 miles from condo)
277 Pi’lkea Ave in Kihei
(808) 891-9120
This Safeway is located in Kihei and was 24 hours before Covid but now has shorter hours.  Wide selection of food and products and are tourist trade oriented.  Easy access and good parking 
Safeway in Wailuku (8 miles from condo)
58 Maui Lani Pkwy Suite 5000  
WailukuHI 96793
(808) 243-3522
This Safeway is located in Wailku and is my personal favorite for shopping as it is less busy and is oriented towards the local trade.  Easy Access and parking.
Safeway in Kahului (8.7 miles from condo)
1090 Ho’okele St 
KahuluiHI 96732
(808) 359-2970
This is Safeway is located in Kahului and new so I havent been to it.  It has a gas bar attached to it which has lower price gas almost comparable to Costco’s low gas prices