Other Important Information

When you are planning a trip away from home, there are many questions you may have about where you are staying and when you are disabled there are even more questions.  

Height of master bedroom bed is 24.5 inches and has clearance of 7.5 inches underneath bed frame

Master bathroom’s toilet height is 18 inches which is ADA compliant 

Our condo does not provide medical equipment.  Gammie Home Care rents and delivers medical equipment to our condo.  They can even deliver equipment to the condo without you to receive it.  

Laundry Facilities:  Laundry facilities are in a separate building on the complex grounds approximately 20 feet from the condo.  The hours of use are 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.  The costs are $3.25 per wash and $.75 per 10 minutes of dryer and the machines are coinless and equipped with ShinePay.  ShinePay allows guests to use an app on their smartphone tied to a credit card to activate the machines

Civil Defense Siren test happens every month at 11:45 am on the first State work day of each month. This consists of a 45 second solid tone. The sirens are located behind the complex and are loud.

Parking placard.  Maui is very diligent with patrolling handicapped parking spots so bring your parking placard from home.  The accessible van companies do not provide a placard.

Landscaping occurs every Monday morning from 8 a.m. to noon so you might plan to be away from the complex during this time.

Sometimes the previous renter leaves food and other items like alcohol in the kitchen.  Our cleaning staff have instructions to clean the kitchen but leave appropriate items for the next guest, so before you go shopping check out the kitchen and fridge to see if you inherited some good/interesting items.

Makani A Kai’s swimming pool does not have a lift to help a disabled person into it.

There is a Costco on Maui and it is a great place to buy fresh fish, meat and alcohol so bringing your Costco card if you are a member. Also Costco has great prices on gasoline.

Although the water on Maui is safe to drink it can have a strong chlorine taste especially during drought periods so you might consider buying bottled water for drinking during your stay.

The kitchen of our condo was not renovated to be accessible because of the existing floor plan so please be aware the kitchen is a wheel in and back out where you cannot turn around.  This set up makes use of the fridge and stove awkward from a wheelchair.  You also can not get a wheelchair under the kitchen sink so you must pull along side it which can also be difficult.

Our condo provides 2 complete sets of linens for both the king and queen beds and we provide 8 sets of towels (a set includes a bath towel, hand towel and face cloth) and 6 beach towels.

Our condo provides a hair dryer which is located in the master bathroom cabinet drawer

Our condo provides  an ironing board and iron which are located in the second bedroom’s closet.